An email sent to Dr. Derek Emery, Chair, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry – Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Dept.

Doctor Emery
As a brief introduction, I chair the Prostate Edmonton Peer Support Society.
I have been following the new PSMA PET imaging protocols being introduced to locate tumours within the prostate and in the case of planned external beam radiation treatment, the imaging used to precisely direct the radiation.
My understanding is there are over 60 men that have been recruited to participate in a clinical trial to prove the efficacy of these imaging protocols. Apparently, recent internal discussions are considering the extensions of imaging hours and will include Saturday. Certainly a laudable and apparently necessary undertaking. However institutional changes are not expediently achieved.
I understand that AHS DI will issue a communication notice to all referring physicians that PSMA PET scans will not be booked at UAH ending further funding/notice. If my information is correct, the planned changes will impact the timely availability of PSMA PET scans for those 60+ men on the requisition list.
As you know, anytime you are tagged with a cancer diagnosis, anxiety becomes a daily brain worm. If the PSMA Pet scans are curtailed or delayed, the men that have volunteered to participate in the clinical trials, will be devastated. As early detection saves AHS dollars, timely treatment will yield the same AHS dollars savings.
It is my hope that the 60+ recruits can complete the clinical trial process they were led to believe would assist in the treatment of their prostate cancer. To do, otherwise may put a chill on future clinical trial participants. It certainly will elevate the anxiety of the patients.
Thanks for your consideration on this matter.

Terry Kirkland