The ManVan initiative is a growing success. Coordinator Keith Persuad has the Van booked until the end of March.

We would enthusiastically welcome more volunteers to help host these events. This is a simple task. We approach men that appear to be between 50 and 70 years of age and ask if they would like to receive a free PSA test . If they consent, we use a small tablet to collect a minimal amount of personal information – date of birth, postal code and a point of contact where they can receive the results of their test. More often than not, the men that consent often put the data into the system. A very easy task. If you shadow myself or one of the other volunteers for an hour, that will allow you to determine if this volunteer opportunity is for you. When we recruit a few more volunteers the Calgary Prostate Centre will facilitate a training session.

You can also volunteer as a driver of the ManVan to scheduled events. The 32′ ManVan is scheduled to arrive in YEG in June. It is designed with 3 nursing stations and equipment to process and spin blood samples collected. In the interim we are using a 19 seat passenger van to deliver the equipment to the events. CPC pays the drivers $25 per hour and if the event is out of town, expenses and accomodation costs.

An example of upcoming events – The YEG Home and Reno Show / The Boat and Sportsman Show / The Home and Garden Show / Lexus of Edmonton private event. Out of town events will include Beaver Lake Cree Nation / Duffield Paul Nation. The future will take us to some of our northern cities served by the Kipness Clinic.

I have had the pleasure of working with several members and there is no shortage of fun and kibitzing. Come and join us.

If interested, contact Terry Kirkland at / 780 909-9960 text or call. This will allow us to schedule an orientation course and collect the necessary info for CPC.

If you want to test run this opportunity, let me know and I will gladly have you shadow me for an hour or so at one of the events. If you are at the Home Reno Show this weekend ,stop by the booth and introduce yourself.

Thanks for helping to spread PC awareness.