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October Newsletter

Thanks to the 39 members that attended the  September meeting. Dr Kinnaird stated he was impressed and the trickle down effect at the Kipness Clinic will put us in good stead. Thanks again for answering the call.
One of the Executive goals is to lobby  for an improved Kipness Centre education program. The Calgary Prostate centre has a very robust education program ranging from spiritual care to partner care.  Treated PC members are the CPC volunteers helping new members navigate their clinic.and educating.
We are fortunate to have Bear Johal in town from Vancouver for the Oct 10th meeting. Bear is the owner of Osborn Medical Canada. He has developed the only FDA approved vacuum therapy solutions used primarily for penile rehab and health. He has conducted extensive educational sessions for many prostate groups. He will present at the Kipness Centre the following day.  
I can assure members,  you will be surprised at how many urology clinics include this in their educational programs.. Calgary included. 
Give the Executive some help and be prepared to share the educational material/classes you received at the Kipness Centre.
Meeting Location: the lovely  Wellspring Facility.(11306 65 Ave) Tuesday Oct 10. Doors open at 6:30.
Adjournment not later than 8:40 PM. Could use help setting up chairs and putting them away. 
upon adjournment.
Hope to see another great crowd.

Terry for the Executive
780 909-9960

August Newsletter

The Man Van
I hope summer has been enjoyable for everyone and families.
The Executive is seeking help with a dynamic project that will unfold in the next 8 weeks.   Calgary Prostate Centre is bringing the ManVan to Edmonton for a permanent residency. The ManVan is a mobile lab that appears at “events” and is fully equipped to check men’s PSA count. They have agreements in place with the urology clinics to ensure a second test is conducted and follow up is completed even if the man does not have a family doctor.  The ManVan will remain in YEG for the next few years and  ultimately service our Northern neighbours, rural areas and Indigenous  communities. There is no cost for the testing to the patient.
Ideally the Executive requires about 10 / 12 volunteers. They will act as Ambassadors at the events and encourage men to visit the “van”.  Of those volunteers we would need  to qualify 3 or 4 drivers. Neither of these activities is a big volunteer commitment as scheduling will work to minimize all efforts.   It is expected 3 events will be held this year. You control your time contribution.
Evening of Sept 19th / morning of the 20th – volunteer interviews. 
Wed Oct 4th / Thur. Oct 5th – volunteer training
Media Event Friday Oct 27th- Central Fire Hall / EPS present as well.
Saturday Oct 28 – first ManVan event – Kingsway Garden Mall
This is a glorious gift to raise awareness of PC.  Please give serious consideration to making PEPSS a significant player in the Edmonton PC scene and share your skills and knowledge. 
Please send an email to Terry to request the volunteer job descriptions and application.
The Executive.

July Newsletter

I hope everyone is enjoying summer and health as good as it can be considering the circumstances.

A few quick notes:
Reminder – Edmonton’s own Dr Adam Kinnaird  is featured on the BC Prostate Cancer speaking roster  July 13th. Dr Kinnaird has been instrumental in the new precise biopsy, precise external beam radiation treatment and a prostate MRI  before treatment. These processes are game changers. Let’s support Adam and tie into his seminar on the 13th.
VP Randy  Peterson and I attended the Partnership in Prostate Health sponsored by AB Cancer , Royal Alex Foundation and the U of A Foundation June 15. The who’s who of prostate cancer in Edmonton were in attendance. Our friend, John Sexsmith was the MC and he plugged  the importance of  PEPSS. He also slyly arranged to have me speak for a minute to the audience. A great stop I thought.  Thanks John.
In July, I met with Ward Sutheralnd  to plan an Edmonton visit of the “Man Van” . This Van is operated by the Calgary Prostate Centre. This van is equipped to take PSA tests on site. It usually appears at events to maximize testing.  I assured Ward we have a great volunteer contingent to assist with the “Man Van” when we finalize dates. I am sure you won’t let me down when Van visits. Easy fun volunteer duties.
Most members will have heard me speak of the “Choma Will” William Choma graciously named PEPSS and 32 other charities as  recipients in his substantial “Will”. We expected to receive those funds in June / July. The Will has been challenged and the proceeds will be delayed for months I suspect. The Executive did not attempt to raise any funds based on the windfall. Unfortunately that leaves us in a bit of a cash shortfall. The Edmonton Community Foundation Kirkland Fund will gift $1000 to PEPSS this week. If any other members have some “spare change” to share with us, we would be most appreciative. As a registered Federal Charity, we will provide a charitable receipt for any offerings received.   
 We will even add your name to our website “sponsor page’ if you are comfortable with  the undertaking.
Enjoy the rest of the summer. See you in September. Location to be determined
Terry for the Executive

May Newsletter


Our May 9th meeting will be held at the Westend Seniors Activity Centre. Doors open at 6:30 – call to order at 7:00 PM.
We do not have a guest speaker this month. The purpose of this meeting is threefold.
1.  I would like the members to give consideration to share their PC story.  Every story contains a valuable lesson for others in attendance. It also removes fences between strangers and that makes the room more comfortable for those in attendance.   
2. We will canvass the membership on their desires to continue meeting at WEAC or consider other venues such as Wellspring or other suggested sites. 
3. Our AGM takes place June 13th. It would be helpful if we had a few new voices on the Executive. Give consideration to helping this organization grow. 
PEPSS is in line to receive a substantial endowment from Bill Choma. This has the potential to change our organization dramatically. I will provide details at the meeting and look for input from the membership on how we might handle this windfall. 
Hope to see you at WEAC on Tuesday may 9th. 
Terry Kirkland

March 2023 Newsletter

Again, please accept the Executives apologies for the short notice cancellation of the February meeting. We appreciate the understanding.

Scott Davis graciously agreed to speak to the membership in March after the February cancellation. Scott is an international businessman that has received PC treatment in the USA and in Canada. His experience in both countries and his depth of knowledge on the disease itself will enlighten any member in attendance. Scott Davis co-presented with Dr. Adam Kinnaird in November 2022. You can expect Scott to be an engaging speaker that speaks frankly to treatment modalities.

We will provide light snacks and drinks at the meeting. The meeting is being held March 14th, at the Westend Seniors Activity Centre (9629 176 St). Doors open at 6:30. Meeting call to order at 7:00pm.
As always, you are encouraged to bring along a friend or family member that may be facing a PC diagnosis. If you are aware of someone struggling with PC, let us know and we will try to help. 
If you have questions or suggestions before the meeting, call Terry.
Terry Kirkland
780 909-9960
National Council Activities:

February 14th Meeting

You don’t want to miss the February 14th evening meeting. We recognize it is Valentine’s day and the importance of our “sweethearts” . Ensuring your “sweetheart  feels special just before or after Valentine’s day, may free up your Tuesday evening. 
Scott Davis, a very successful international business owner, will be our guest speaker.  Scott  has received PC treatment in Canada and the USA. Scott presented with Dr Adam Kinnaird in a recent webinar. Scott’s in depth PC treatment at home and in the USA gives him a knowledge layer that will educate and stimulate your PC understanding. Don’t miss Scott’s presentation at the Westend Seniors Activity Centre (9629 – 176 St  at 7:00 PM). Invite friends or family that may have been touched by PC.
The Executive strives to keep emails to a minimum.  Dr Tamm has requested the assistance of our membership to seek equitable treatment for men with prostate cancer.  We will provide details on how you can help. Watch for an email in the coming week explaining  how we can help Dr. Tamm and his colleagues meet their pursuit of fair treatment for men diagnosed or living with PC.

December Newsletter


In keeping with the wishes expressed at the November 8th meeting, we will hold our monthly meeting at the “cafe” located at Westend Seniors Activity Centre (9629 – 176 St). Doors open at 6:30 meeting 7:00 PM.  Adjournment 9:00 PM.
We will provide light snacks and drinks at the meeting. We do not have a speaker scheduled for this meeting. The intention is to hold an open forum so members can share their PC experience or seek peer assistance with any treatment challenges they are facing.
As always, you are encouraged to bring along a friend or family member that may be facing a PC diagnosis. If you are aware of someone struggling with PC, let us know and we will try to help. 
If you have questions or suggestions before the meeting, call Terry.
Terry Kirkland
780 909-9960
National Council Activities:

Meeting Reminder

MembersA quick reminder of our monthly membership meeting will be held at the Westend  Seniors Activity Centre  Nov. 8th.  (9629 176 St). Doors open at 6:30. We could use a few members to set out about 40 chairs. 
It would be wonderful if we have a good attendance to honour Dr Tamm’s gracious offer to share his evening with us. Please invite any friend or family that you think might be interested.
Dr Tamm will present on  PSMA PET scans.  This is a new type of nuclear medicine used clinically to determine metastatic cancer in newly diagnosed PC patients and men that have been treated for their prostate cancer.
It would be great to see everyone one after a 2 year hiatus.  Tea, coffee, water and treats will be offered.

Terry Kirkland

780 909-9960

November Newsletter


November 8 we will host our second “in person” meeting this year. Hopefully this will be the start of our return to regular monthly meetings.
On November 8th, Dr, Alex Tamm has graciously offered to share his evening with the membership and present on PMSA PET Scans.  This is a new type of nuclear medicine used in 2 clinical scenarios: 1). in men with newly diagnosed  PC who are at risk for metastatic cancer and 2) men who have been treated for PC and now have suspected or recurrent disease. Many of us may require this diagnostic tool as we continue to live with PC.
The meeting will be held at the West Edmonton Seniors Centre ( 9629  176 ST) commencing at 7:00 PM. Easy access from 178 St via 98a Ave or 96 Ave) Canadian Tire is 2 blocks north on 178 St. Ideally if  members could arrive a few minutes early, we could use assistance to set out chairs, coffee, water. snacks. Besides, it would be good to see you all again. 
I am always grateful when one of our busy Edmonton  professionals shares their time and knowledge with the membership.  These exchanges are critical to advancing awareness and building teams. Please come out  and acknowledge Dr Tamm’s  selfless  offer to help us understand our PC journeys.
Of course we welcome you to bring along a guest that might find interest in the topic.
Terry Kirkland780 909-9960

October Newsleter

No meeting in October

Our 2 options for meeting, the Kaye Clinic and Wellspring, still have COVID restrictions in place. The Kaye Clinic is not allowing gatherings at their facility. Wellspring requires masking which we can work with. However they have COVID social distancing in place which reduces the capacity of the meeting room to 22 attendees. This puts us in an awkward position of potentially  turning members away if more than 22 members attend. Consequently we will not hold a general meeting in October.
Dr. Alex Tamm has tentatively agreed to present at our November meeting. We will proceed with this meeting if it means renting a venue elsewhere.
Sadly I learned today that Gary Firth passed away on Thursday Sept.29th with his family by his side. Members will remember Gary as a presenter at one of the meetings on his clinical trial.  Gary was also one of the originals on the True North Clinical exercise trial. A celebration of Life will be held at the Sturgeon Golf and Country Club Friday afternoon Oct 7.
Take time to explore our new website. I think you will be impressed.

If you are aware of an acquaintance, friend or family member that is living with PC, encourage them to reach out and chat with a member that has received treatment. A trouble shared is a trouble halved.
Terry Kirkland
780 909-9960

Talk to a member that has received prostate cancer treatment

You may not want to ask questions at a group meeting. You may want to speak with someone having the same issues. You may want to talk with someone who has gone through the same treatment you are considering. Or after treatment, you may be dealing with complications.