You don’t want to miss the February 14th evening meeting. We recognize it is Valentine’s day and the importance of our “sweethearts” . Ensuring your “sweetheart  feels special just before or after Valentine’s day, may free up your Tuesday evening. 
Scott Davis, a very successful international business owner, will be our guest speaker.  Scott  has received PC treatment in Canada and the USA. Scott presented with Dr Adam Kinnaird in a recent webinar. Scott’s in depth PC treatment at home and in the USA gives him a knowledge layer that will educate and stimulate your PC understanding. Don’t miss Scott’s presentation at the Westend Seniors Activity Centre (9629 – 176 St  at 7:00 PM). Invite friends or family that may have been touched by PC.
The Executive strives to keep emails to a minimum.  Dr Tamm has requested the assistance of our membership to seek equitable treatment for men with prostate cancer.  We will provide details on how you can help. Watch for an email in the coming week explaining  how we can help Dr. Tamm and his colleagues meet their pursuit of fair treatment for men diagnosed or living with PC.