Prostate Cancer Support Edmonton


A group of women dedicated to providing care and safety during this time.

Women's peer support group

Prostate Cancer Support Edmonton Women is a peer support group for spouses/partners of men with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is sometimes described as a “couples cancer”, as it can have a significant effect on many different facets of your relationship. This is a small intimate group that provides a safe and confidential setting to talk about the challenges you face as the partner of a man with prostate cancer. It’s a forum to share ideas and experiences, and to provide compassion and support for each other. Whether your partner has just been diagnosed, is going through treatment, or is dealing with the aftermath of treatment, you are welcome to join us. The format is drop-in, no registration necessary.

Some evenings we will have set topics to discuss, other times it will just be open discussion. We will occasionally invite a guest speaker to join us to talk about a particular topic.

Please bring:

Please note: Women's group meetings are being offered virtually (Not in person until further notice. If you would like to join a virtual meeting (via Zoom), please send an email to to receive the details. Please see the website for updates regarding when in-person meetings will resume..

Talk to a member that has received prostate cancer treatment

You may not want to ask questions at a group meeting. You may want to speak with someone having the same issues. You may want to talk with someone who has gone through the same treatment you are considering. Or after treatment, you may be dealing with complications.